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At American Towing, taking care of you and your family is our passion. We’re always happy to tow your vehicle, change your tire, jump your battery, and more. Check out our Services page or give us a call for more info!

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We always take care of our customers! See some testimonials below:

I will always recommend American Towing! My Mercedes was dead, fully locked up, and I thought it had to be towed. Josh was able to get it unlocked and jumped it! I was able to get my car home! I was so grateful for Josh and Austin for being attentive to my needs and ensuring they will help me. Thank you so much!

Mele T.

Local Business Owner​

After being involved in a minor car accident on our family vacation, the team at American Towing was there quick, removed my car from the accident and towed it to a local shop to get repaired. Austin and his team are extremely nice and helpful. Thank you to all of them for being there for us!!!!

Ashley V.

Out of Town Visitor​​

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